Team Yeladim News


5 Sunday School – World Wide Tefillin Wrap 5th grade and up- parents are invited; 4th grade Field Trip to Sunnymere- Senior Living
7 Hebrew School (Preschool-K learn about trees and songs, read story about a trees life cycle.)
10 Family & Scout Shabbat Service & Dinner 6:30pm with the PreK/K class
Doing Songs for Tu B’Shevat, and our Scouts being honored, for their achievements.
12 Sunday School – Tu B’Shevat Community Seder 11:30 am Please RSVP to the office.
14 Hebrew School
19 Sunday School
21 Hebrew School
26 Sunday School
28 Hebrew School

5 Sunday School
7 Hebrew School
10 Family Shabbat Service & Dinner 6:30 pm 9th grade leads service
12 Sunday School – Megillah Reading, Purim Party & Lunch

Our Teachers:

Anna Kurtzman—Early Childhood

Amy Brozak—Primary grades

Andrea Kowalski—Elementary grades

Lewis Slawsky—Middle School

Gary Raymond—High School

Rabbi Carol & Rabbi Friedman—various grades


Your Religious Education Committee:

School Director—Adele Stein


Marilyn Katz                Shari Kellen

Rhonda May                Tammie Meek

Andrea Radasanu       Lewis Slawsky