Although the congregation was officially formed in 1904, the first permanent building in downtown Aurora was not built until 1927. The present structure on the far west side of town was built in 1961.

Congregants are all ages, from young families to families with teens and college students, from singles and couples to senior citizens. Currently we have about 100 member units.

Because individual congregants’ affiliations reach from Traditional to Conservative to Reform, we often provide more than one service to help meet their spiritual needs.

Services are held for all holidays and, upon request, for a Yahrzeit. Shabbat Services are held every Friday evening and Saturday morning. We offer a Traditional service every Saturday morning which welcomes everyone while following male ritual leadership. Shabbat Chaverim’s Reform service is held monthly and encourages the full ritual participation of women and men. Prayers are all in transliteration and readings are in English; the service often includes beautiful guitar music. All Friday night services are egalitarian, with a monthly service geared to families with children.

Our Religious School offers classes for Pre-School to Hebrew High School, including B’nai Mitzvah training and Confirmation at the end of 9th grade. Many of our high schoolers stay on to aid the younger students.

For adults, we offer education programs and Adult Hebrew classes. 

In 2004 Temple B’nai Israel marked our Centennial with a yearlong celebration. See the Centennial page for more information about our history and Centennial celebration.