Sisterhood News 


Thank You to Cyndy Raymond and Esther Pollock who served as President and Vice-President for the past six years.

Welcome to the newly-elected board: President–Aileen Zeiger, Vice-President–Allison Wadle, Secretary–Shari Kellen, Treasurer–Sandi Kramer, and Ex-Officio–Cyndy Raymond.



Mission Statement


Our mission is to provide assistance and service to the congregation of Temple B'nai Israel through spiritual, educational, fundraising and social activities.



What Do We Do?


Sisterhood is the "right arm" of the Temple. Sisterhood membership is a perk of being a member of Temple B'nai Israel. Not a Temple member? Join for $18 a year.

Among the many things Sisterhood does: we maintain the kosher kitchen, organize Shabbat and holiday dinners, and provide the refreshments for Oneg Shabbats. We raise money through our Rummage Sales and Chicken Soup Sale. Our Judaica Gift Shop provides a service to the community by offering a plethora of items from Hannukiahs to Mezuzot, from interesting jewelry to baby gifts, etc. Each New Year we send out a community New Year Card and coordinate the Yom Kippur Book of Remembrance. Our Passover Seder is well-attended.

Belonging to Sisterhood will help the Temple and build long-lasting friendships. 



Current Officers 

  •  President: Aileen Zeiger
  •  Vice-President: Allison Wadle
  •  Treasurer: Sandi Kramer
  •  Secretary: Shari Kellen
  •  Past President: Cyndy Raymond

The following are Sisterhood responsibilities/Committees 

  •  Bar/Bat Mitzvah Special Gifts
  •  Yom Kippur Book of Remembrance
  •  Rosh Hashanah Community New Years Card
  •  Judaica Shop
  •  Temple Kitchen
  •  Membership
  •  Oneg Shabbats
  •  Erev Rosh Hashanah Dinner, Passover Seder
  •  Shabbat Dinners
  •  Rummage Sales
  •  Special Events



Sponsor an Oneg Shabbat


Sponsor an Oneg Shabbat for a birthday, anniversary, yahrzeit or just because. Call Aileen Zeiger to reserve your Friday night. Cost is $20.00 (enhanced Onegs are available upon request).