Religious School


On Sunday mornings, whether a child is descended from generations of rabbis or comes from an interfaith family, Temple B’nai Israel is the place to be. We create a space where families can connect. We meet kids where they are and let them discover their Jewish identities. We know their needs:

• Community: It’s hard to be Jewish if you’re all by yourself.
• Knowledge: It’s hard to be Jewish if you don’t know what that means.
• Experience: It’s hard to be Jewish if you don’t know what Jews do.
• Spirituality: It’s hard to be Jewish if you don’t get any joy from it.

At Temple B’nai Israel, we study together and learn one by one. Children form lasting friendships with other Jewish kids. Frequent family lunches, Shabbat dinners and participation in Friday Night Family Services give families a chance to get to know each other. Because our teacher/student ratio is low, we can tailor lessons to any learning style. Kids get plenty of individual attention so they can meet the standards that we set for all our students.

Temple B’nai Israel students learn what it means to be Jewish by participating in Jewish life. Our emphasis on experiential learning invites social action that springs from our values, art and drama that reflects our heritage, meaningful participation at services, hands-on exploration of traditions and rituals, and plenty of opportunities to celebrate.

Hebrew is part of Religious School from the gentlest introduction of the alef-bet in preschool to conversational Hebrew in high school. In between, our Hebrew study is designed to promote synagogue literacy. When our students are called to the Torah as B’nai Mitzvah, they know more than how to chant prayers. They know each prayer’s meaning and why it appears where it does in the service. They celebrate this rite of passage in the embrace of a congregation that has taken an interest in their progress from their first day of study.

In our community, the kinds of Judaism our congregants practice vary widely. It is our job to provide an education that reflects diversity. Ancient traditions and contemporary rituals are shared in ways that honor all Jewish families. Input from families helps us to stay in touch with the kinds of learning they want. Our youth group programs are driven by student suggestions. Ideas from students and parents help us plan family education programs and school-wide events.

For more about what's going on in our school, see the Religious Education Committee's monthly column.

Come and visit us. See how innovation and energy work together to make Temple B’nai Israel’s Religious School is a great place to learn.  To arrange an appointment, contact us via our contact form.